30 Original Compare And Contrast Essay Topics

Writing a compare and contrast essay is an interesting and rewarding process. Stating similarities and differences between objects, concepts, ideas, and phenomena teaches you to evaluate different things from different angles, provide reasons, and substantiate your conclusions. Through comparison, you manifest your views, broaden your knowledge, and learn to express your thoughts precisely. Even the topic that you choose for a compare and contrast essay can shed light on your personality.

If you have been assigned to write a compare and contrast essay, choose the field of science or the sphere of human activity that you are interested in. Look around: our everyday life often gives us the opportunity to contrast and compare. Write about things that you are aware of, or things you would like to know more about. You can compare any two or even more things, but remember that when choosing a topic, you should select issues that belong to the same category and have several comparable points. In addition, the topic should be interesting for the audience.

Here are 30 original topics for a compare and contrast essay. State the points of similarity and difference between:

  1. Drug addiction and Internet addiction.
  2. Being socially active and being focused only on studying.
  3. Olympic and Paralympic Games.
  4. Rock operas and traditional classical operas.
  5. Myths and fairy-tales.
  6. Eating organic food and GMO food.
  7. Individual and team sports.
  8. Arranging a birthday party at home and inviting guests to a restaurant.
  9. Political views of Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Jr.
  10. Solar and electric-powered vehicles.
  11. School bulling and cyber bulling.
  12. Lord of Rings and Game of Thrones.
  13. Painting on walls in primeval times and graffiti.
  14. Jack London and Robert Louis Stevenson.
  15. The political and economic situation in the North and South before the Civil War.
  16. Going to the movies and going to the theater.
  17. Live rock concert and viewing a concert on the Internet.
  18. Hip-hop and R&B.
  19. Political systems in the USA and Great Britain.
  20. Jane Austin and Charlotte Bronte.
  21. Ancient Olympic Games in Greece and London Olympic Games.
  22. Sir Francis Drake and Somali pirates.
  23. The Chinese and English languages.
  24. Smoking and drinking.
  25. Alaska and Florida.
  26. An evening at home with your family and hanging out with friends.
  27. Wikipedia and the encyclopedia “Britannica”.
  28. The British monarchy in the 16th and 21st centuries (Queens Elizabeth I and II).
  29. Journalism and belles-lettres.
  30. Single-sex schools and coeducational schools.

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