Should Animals Be Eaten As Food?

Food is one our basic needs. At almost every meal, the majority of human beings consume food products that were derived from the bodies of animals. There are people who agree with this practice. There are others who believe it to be morally abhorrent. This essay looks at both sides of this argument.

Yes, they should

Humans are not the only creatures that derive calories from animals. It is actually a very common practice in the animal kingdom and it might even be considered hubris to believe that people should separate themselves from this natural system due to a misguided sense of superiority. Many of the animals that we eat were bred specifically for that purpose and would be unable to survive in the wild. The lives they live are intended for our benefit and if w were not eating them, they would have to be slaughtered anyway because there would be no profit in their continued existence. It is also clear from the structure of the human jaw and the canine teeth that we were intended to be omnivores. It is unhealthy to eat differently from the way our digestive systems evolved.

No, they should not

Animals occupy different places in our lives. Many people who cherish their pet cats and dogs and could not possibly imagine harming much less eating them would consume bacon without a second thought. Pigs are as intelligent as dogs and just as capable of giving and receiving affection. There are people who keep pigs as pets and there are others who eat dogs. We draw imaginary lines within the non human animal community to decide where we can eat. If it is wrong to eat a dog, it is wrong to eat a pig. If it is wrong to eat a flaming or a peacock or a parrot, it is wrong to eat a chicken. This double standard will continue. There will always be animals that are respected and allowed to be loved while others are forced to live out their lives in cramped conditions with only death as their escape. Their bodies are made unnaturally large with hormones that make them ill not for their benefit but our own.

Many people believe that one day the consumption of animals as food will be seen as one of our greatest sins. There are others who believe that we will have to learn to harvest them more humanely if meat is to stay on the menu.

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