Sexism against Women

Sexism is also referred to as gender discrimination. Sexism is when one suffers being treated differently from the others just because of her or his gender. Sexism is very common in most societies and cultures where most of these societies tend to be patriarchal. This implies that gender discrimination is against women in these societies and cultures. Women in such societies may find life difficult for them due to biased treatment as compared to their male counterparts. Sexism may take different forms for example women getting less payment for jobs done compared to men, men receiving preferential treatment thus disadvantaging women and situations where jokes that may be offensive are made by men against women.

Roots of Sexism against Women

Surprisingly sexism against women in the society is also common in the developed countries. The sexism culture may be so strong that organizations in these nations including those most successful ones have developed policies for promotion and leaders selection that clearly depict sexism against women. This is very unfortunate. Sexism against Women is also practiced in developing countries. For various societies the religion is the root cause of sexism against women. The beliefs that a man is the head and a woman should be submissive at all times could have lead to sexism against women, and also that a woman was created from a manโ€™s rib which for many cultures implies that the man should always come first. There are also times especially during menstruation when a woman is considered impure and unclean. All these religious beliefs are held by several societies and cultures and could have fuelled sexism against women.

Sexism against Women in the Workplace

Sexism against women in workplaces is very evident in most organizations all over the world. However the role of women in our society and work places is drastically changing and women are now fighting through lawsuits in courts for fare treatment in their places of work. Claims and complains of harassment in workplaces in form of sexism against women are becoming very common. This means that the women are ready to fight for their rights and the higher positions they are perfectly suitable for. In the recent past women who are talented and bold have held higher management posts in the companies they work for and this has positively motivated women in lower positions. This fact has enabled the reduction of sexism against women in terms of sexual harassment, offensive jokes against women and failure of women to get promoted and also women getting underpaid in the workplace.

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