Professional Guide On How To Cite Sources In An Essay

Academic writing is not always a smooth ride for most students, thanks to the fact that citation is necessary in order to authenticate oneโ€™s paper. What does this mean? Well, most of the times you leap into the web seeking information on something you will most likely notice that even that which you are assigned have been written on. This leaves you with the biggest hurdle of crafting something unique and meaningful. Students are endowed with varying capabilities when it comes to academic performance and because poor students will want to emulate what top performing students do, it is important to consider among things the necessity for professionalism whenever you are taking on a task. Sources of academic writing should fulfill many aspects or rather meet certain conditions. On this premise, you should ask yourself questions like, are you consistent in the way you have always cited your sources? What type of academic writing does your institution recommend? On many fronts, the style of academic writing will always play a pivotal role when it comes to crafting an essay. This should get you thinking about such types as MLA, APA, Chicago, and Harvard and among other.

Having taken note of the various academic writing styles aforementioned, it is advisable then you partake on essay writing professionally. When you are aiming at nothing but top grades, a quick guide is all you need to get through. In this post, we take a look at what is expected of you so that next time you are required to cite your sources; you are at par with everything.

A focus on in text citation

When it comes to citing your sources with the body text of your writing, it is what is more often than not referred to as in text citation. This is something which must be done with utmost regard for the writing style you are using. To this end, think of such academic essay writing styles as MLA, APA, Chicago and other and then format your paper accordingly.

Order of citation

The names of others whose works you want to cite within your article will always play a significant role in how you present your ideas. As a rule of the thumb or rather a rule of citation, the names should appear alphabetically form paragraph to paragraph. This gives your paper order.

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