Completing An Informative Essay Successfully: Great Techniques

Informative essay, the name says it all. In this type of writing, your focus is to educate, not to convince. That means that you simply state facts about your subject and give examples and evidence to back up your points. Then, you leave your audience to make up their own minds about what you have informed them about. You do not indulge in trying to convince the reader of something or to change their opinion.

If you are looking to find out how to complete an informative essay successfully, read on, because we have some great pointers for you:

  1. Decide what you are writing about
  2. If you have been assigned a topic, skip this step. If not, think about what is relevant in today’s world and what interests you. List down potential topics. Go through the list, jotting down interesting facts about each subject. Narrow down the list to what excites you the most. Great, now you have your topic.

  3. Understand the structure
  4. Like most successful essays, this type is also best written with the common structure of a beginning, middle and end.

    • In the beginning, or introduction, include the thesis statement. Provide a focus for your piece. Get your audience interested by providing some background or context for your subject.
    • In the middle, or main body, present all the facts about your topic. Use one paragraph for one fact. Write about the most important ones first. Use plenty of real life examples or evidence.
    • In the end, or conclusion, summarize all you have written. Do not introduce new facts here. New facts should only be introduced in the Body.
  5. What to Avoid
  6. Avoid strong opinions or any opinions at all. As described above, this type of writing is about educating the audience. This is why it is also called an expository essay.

    Be very careful about the sources of the facts you include. Avoid dubious sources, especially from the internet. When someone reads your writing, they trust that you have researched and verified facts. Your integrity is on the line. Be careful.

    Avoid single sentence paragraphs. Long sentences bore audiences and may confuse them. Short, crisp, precise sentences and writing grab your reader’s attention.

    Avoid difficult words. Unless you have a narrow academic audience, your aim should be to make your writing accessible to as wide an audience as possible. Overly wordy or difficult writing can put off readers. Use simple language and make it interesting.

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