Utopian Representation of the Future

Utopian representation may be just visionary but could generally be impractical in any society. A utopian society is that which is perfect and may not depict or have any kinds of inequalities. The term utopia was brought about by Sir Thomas More from Greek. It means no place. This means that the place is non- existent. The concept tries to explain and show how people are supposed to relate to existing conditions in the environment or relating to the nature. The concept suggests that the current way or modern ways of life are destructive to the nature. It feels that if the resources availed by nature were equally shared among the people, it would make the world a better place for all the people.

Why Utopian world is Preferred

Utopias could be political, religious or even economic. Today there are several human activities that cause a lot of harm that later bounce back to the people. Problems like global warming, effects of climate change, and war against nations and tribes are just but examples. Everyone would have different views on how they would wish the ideal world to be. However, proper and fair and also proper management of available resources would make the world a better place for all.

Case of Utopian Economy

Economically, the world and the people living in it suffer many challenges. An example is the children who roam the streets and cannot afford to buy themselves bread. Some will be lucky to get some bread while others will sleep hungry. Those who sleep hungry do not do so because there is no bread, it is because they cannot afford the bread. To prevent children from sleeping hungry, it would be right to reduce the cost of bread to that which the children can afford. The other option would be offering the children the bread for free and ensuring that the children can have access to bread every day. In a Utopian society, everyone would have any resource including food. There would thus be no punishment for failure to work or perform duties. The utopian economy in future would mean that all the people are equal and that no one is in charge of supervising others. This would bring to an end the primary problems that continue to affect persistently us economically. With the Utopian economy, people would change their standards of living residence and housing especially. But generally the future would be great for all the people. The gap between the rich and the poor would obviously be eliminated.

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