In Search Of A Quality Example Of A Reflective Essay In Nursing: Vital Advice

A reflective essay captures the thoughts and opinions of the writer. Sometimes these feelings can be quite personal and for a nurse, who sees human suffering every day, reflective essay helps collect thoughts about given medical procedures. These are not very easy assignments for any nursing student to do. This is not strict narrative type of writing. Anyone who has challenges in composition can benefit from some examples and there are places to find them.

  • Books on Writing. These can be found at the library or in an English composition class. Contained in the pages are examples of what a reflective essay ought to look like. The benefit is that such sources are used to instruct others on how to do the work properly. You can look at these examples confidently, knowing that others learn from them.

  • Online Writing Websites. These do not have to be tutorials in space. Blogs often use reflective essays to share information and insights with other people. You may be able to find a medical blog that uses reflective work on the site. Something like this can show you how to write the given paper in a way that shows reflective technique as it relates to a medical procedure.

  • An Older Classmate. A person who is already taken the course you are enrolled in might have an old copy of a reflective work you may take a look at. A special bonus is that if the classmate was taught by the same teacher you have, you get a better understanding of what the teacher wants to see.

  • Nursing Websites. These may have content that are reflective in nature and are written by professionals in the field. Besides showing you how it is done these articles can also give a little insight into how others perceive a given medical practice.

What you are primarily looking for is how to structure one of these compositions. A reflective essay follows certain guidelines and looking at the examples helps you better understand them. The thoughts and opinions expressed must be your own. You cannot copy, because that risks plagiarism, but there’s also other forms of intellectual dishonesty. When you copy someone else’s work, you are not presenting how you truly feel that what you think will get a higher grade. Your teacher is a little bit more worldly wise than you think. He or she can spot whether or not the words come from you. It is always better to give honest reflections instead of trying to imitate someone else.

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