How To Write A Good 3-Paragraph Essay: The Main Do's And Don'ts

Most students are of the opinion that paragraphed essays are among the simplest types of essay, especially as it gives them the structure they base their writing on. The 3-paragraph papers are usually structured thus: Introduction, a point and finally, the paper’s conclusion. It looks quite easy right? The truth that it seems so but that is not really the case because in some cases, students tend to stray away from the 3-paragraph structure of the paper they are working on. This usually results in lower grades after all their efforts. In order to write your paper properly and stand higher chances of getting higher scores, you should consider the following do’s and don’ts of writing such academic paper. They are:

The Do’s:

  • Make sure that the linked evidence to your essay is crucial to the topic of the paper, this way you don’t have to derail from the topic being addressed.

  • Ensure that your introduction makes sufficient sense to your target readers. Go over it severally to determine this.

  • Include substantial analysis, don’t spend all the space and time on introduction alone.

The Don’ts:

  • Repeat your ideas in order to increase the word count of your paper, no matter how slight the similarity might seem.

  • Make one paragraph much longer than others. Such situation usually results in a run-on paragraphing and might have negative impact on your paper’s scores or grades.

  • Utilize such sentence structure that is sure to confuse your paper’s target readers. Instead, opt for simple sentences that they can easily understand as they read through your paper.

  • These are just a few of the do’s and don’ts you should adhere to as you write your academic paper. Further researches are sure to bring up more ideas on things you should avoid as you write your essays. When developing your 3-paragraph essays, go about it as naturally as you can. After all, you are only trying to communicate certain thoughts through an easy-to-read format for the reading pleasure of your target readers. So, if you want to make a huge impact on your readers, you should ensure that your unique ideas are concisely expressed through proper structuring of your 3-paragraph essay. Go ahead and have fun as you create your essays. Whether 3-paragraph or 5-paragraph, you can always make a huge difference and improve your grades as you do so.

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