Where to Look for a Free Five-Paragraph Essay Example: Useful Sources

The five-paragraph essay is one of the most common English class assignments. With this style of writing, the student is supposed to concisely and intelligently convey everything that they need to say in just five paragraphs. Beginning with an introduction, this writing style includes three body paragraphs until it reaches the conclusion. To get a top score on this assignment, students should read through some examples online before they try to write their own.

What Is Required?

To start with, students will need an introduction. Normally, an introduction begins with some type of catchy story, question or hook. This helps to get the reader interested in the writing. Afterward, the student discusses the topic that they are about to address and introduces the thesis statement. This statement will basically summarize the entire topic of the essay, so it is important to write the thesis statement extremely carefully.

After the introduction, the next three paragraphs are known as the body of the document. Each paragraph includes a topic sentence that is supported by one or two pieces of research. The topic sentence of each paragraph will build upon the thesis statement so that the entire document makes a logical argument. To finish the paper off, the students must conclude their writing in the last paragraph. In the conclusion, the student must restate the thesis statement and essentially summarize what they have just said.

Why Should Students Use Examples?

While many students think that examples are just for plagiarizing, there are many honest uses of an example essay. With a sample, the student can see how a good writer develops a thesis. They can learn the different types of citations and formatting techniques. By seeing an example of a well-written essay, the student can learn how to make their writing better.

Where Can Students Find Examples?

The Internet is the easiest source for example documents. Free writing sites and academic homepages have hundreds and thousands of examples available. Students should look for an example that is in a similar subject area. To make writing easier, the example should also be a standard five-paragraph essay.

If students just want to learn more about writing, examples from free sites and academic websites will work perfectly fine. Students who want to hand in their example should consider buying one from a writing company or a freelance writer. By buying a paper, students can ensure that they are actually turning in an original, unique document.

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