How To Avoid Getting Caught When Using A Custom Essay

When you hire an agency to do your essay there are chances they will send you copied papers. Of course you can avoid all this by writing your own paper. But writing papers on unimportant topics can be very frustrating. You will have to spend countless hours in the research process and then again write the whole paper, check for all possible errors and polish it off by rewriting.

Some useful steps

The best option however is to hire agencies that provide authentic work and not some copied material. You will get a lot of different agencies on the internet and the easiest way to check for plagiarized content is some of the search engines. Here are some steps to finding a good essay writing agency that will provide you with unique writing:

  • Get details on the different kinds of works they have done. Make sure they have worked in the type of writing you wish them to do. Many courses and subjects have specific rules and regulations that need to be followed. You must be careful whether the agency knows which ones apply to your dissertations. They must have some prior experience in working for these types of papers in order to give you a good quality writings.
  • Ask for a sample. Most agencies will happily give you a short sample so that you can get a good idea about their work. Once they give you a sample run it through some of the plagiarism checkers available online. These tools are free and you can easily see how unique the sample is. If they write from scratch and apply their own ideas it should be completely unique.
  • Run some of their website content through the same plagiarism checker. You will know how creative their writers are. An agency which has copied content on their website will definitely give you plagiarized work for your dissertation.
  • Get quotes and rates from their websites. A good authentic writing firm will not be able to sell their work for dirt cheap. Getting your work done by a true professional will not come cheap but the rates should not be very high. Do not go for companies that offer dissertations for a very low price.

By following these simple steps you will not get caught when using a custom essay.

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