Tips on How to Compose a Comparative Essay That Would Impress Your Teacher

Writing a good comparative essay is difficult but exciting. If you want to really impress your teacher with this paper, you will need to work really hard. The first important decision you have to make is choosing the topic. Even if you are assigned some kind of prompt, you should develop an original perspective and present it in an interesting light that would be able to catch the attention of your readers.

Your work on this project will really start after you choose what to compare. After this, you will need to:

  • Set the frame of reference.
  • A frame of reference is the context within which you set the comparison. Imagine it as the background on the picture that you need to paint with your essay. Therefore, you have to choose it very carefully. Your task here is to find a setting that will highlight the points you will contrast or compare to make them more pronounced in the context of your choosing.

    Here’s a small piece of advice, it’ll be better for you to use some other source than your own thoughts as a frame of reference. For example, if you need to compare how two different writers describe social norms of femininity, it’ll be better to choose some unbiased sociologist’s research of the same topic as your frame of reference.

  • Choose the grounds for comparison.
  • When you compare several different items, you will need to choose some of them outstanding features to compare and contrast against each other. These are your grounds for comparison and you need to choose them wisely. Find the features most relevant to your main idea and focus on them (one item per paragraph).

  • Pick the type of comparison you want to use.
  • There are two ways to write a comparison essay. Pick the one that works best for you personally.

    • Object by object.
    • In this case, every paragraph will be dedicated to a full analysis of one of the items you compare. Please note that you will need to write the highlight of the relevant features in the same order in every paragraph. This will make it easier for the readers to understand the comparison.

    • Point by point.
    • This type of essay will have as many paragraphs as many points of comparison you have (an introduction and conclusion aren’t included). If you choose this type, you need to mention the objects in the same order every time. In general, this kind of comparison essay is easier for readers to follow.

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