Composing An Interesting Descriptive Essay On Volleyball

A descriptive essay is the type of assignment which explains the what, how, where and when of a subject. It gives a vivid image of the subject so that the reader can actually feel and realize the entire subject through your words. The subject of such papers can be a place, physical object, person, dream, imagination, or an event. You have to explain the subject to your readers in a way that they can feel and understand it clearly. Different types of descriptive writing include expository, argumentative, narrative, and descriptive. It is normal for students to use the first person while writing a descriptive paper because you have to describe your personal experiences and events. You should use the five basic senses of smell, touch, sight, hearing, and taste to explain the subject easily to your audience

If you are to write a descriptive paper on volleyball then you should think of a match that you clearly remember or an event that you can easily write about. The teacher has given you a subject to talk about but is your choice to create any topic out of it. You can discuss a volleyball match or the ball as an object. It is your call to take any aspect of the subject and choose a topic about it. Make sure that you do not write in a repetitive tone and pick a strong topic area to engage your audience. This is crucial because your audience will decide whether your paper is worth reading after looking at your topic

Once you have selected a strong topic after brainstorming and elimination, you should move forward with developing the major arguments and collecting relevant evidence to support your arguments. The number of major arguments in your paper will decide the number of body paragraphs. Each body paragraph should be unique in content and ideas so you should discuss one major argument in each paragraph. You will need supporting evidence like concrete examples, facts and logical data to support your major arguments. Each argument needs to have three or more supporting evidence.

The last thing in your paper is the conclusion. The introduction and conclusion act as a frame around the body of your essay. You have to summarize whatever you have discussed so far in the body of your paper and restate your thesis statement. Make sure your paper is precise and relevant

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