Gun Control

Gun control makes reference to laws or policies regulating the manufacture, possession, transfer, sale and use of firearms. These policies are different around the world. Some countries including UK have very strict laws as far as gun possession is concerned. In the USA as compared to other industrial democracies, there are few restrictions even if policies differ from state to state. According to proponents of gun control, they state that gun ownership have been increased gun-related crime. Opponents also argue that gun control does not stop gun-related injuries stating that some regulations violate individual liberties.


Gun control is synonymous with domestic regulation of firearm possession and use in relation to the class of weapons called ‘small arms’. Gun control remains a major political issue because of the shootings taking place in the past decade. Gun control does not refer to taking guns away, it rather means that some types of guns could not be available.

On the contrary, European countries that ban guns have experienced extremely low rates of gun-related crime. In UK and Japan, guns are strictly forbidden, leading to a low rate of gun violence. In Canada, a bill was introduced requiring that the guns must be all registered. It also banned several types of guns, creating laws on handling the guns and increasing the sentences for gun-related crimes.

There are millions of guns in use in the USA which means that it is extremely easy to get a gun here. If certain weapons were banned in the USA, the gun-related crime would start decreasing. Some laws should be enforced and harsh penalties should be placed upon people who refuse to obey the laws. If the country were to agree on certain legislation, this place would be much safer for all its citizens.

Anti-Gun and Pro-Gun Activists

According to the opposition, there are some disadvantages to strict gun control laws:

  • Statistics cannot be a proof of government regulation resulting in less gun-related crime.
  • Gun control legislation is not the best answer to gun-related violence.
  • American people should also have the right to keep and bear arms for their defense.

Today gun control is a controversial issue, being the most debated all over the country. The anti-gun activists want guns strictly forbidden while pro-gun citizens say that they have the right to own guns in order to defend themselves and, if needed, their country.

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