How To Compose A Thesis Statement For A Rhetorical Analysis Essay

The thesis statement is the most important sentence in an essay. Without it, the whole paper doesn’t make any sense. This sentence controls the structure of the arguments and keeps the paper focused on one topic. So, it needs to be a strong and powerful statement that will catch everyone’s attention.

What complicates things is the fact that each type of essay has a different definition about what constitutes a strong thesis statement. Sometimes you can even face different standards about the thesis statement from one class to another. Different professors have different approaches, but if you follow the next advices you will be able to come up with a thesis that will impress everyone.

What Makes a Great Thesis?

  • A good thesis is the one that makes a claim. It is not a sentence that takes something as either black or white, it is a sentence that gives a different perspective on things. It makes the reader come by an interesting perspective that the writer has carefully analyzed. However, the writer must do more than just observe. For every observation there should be an example, fact, evidence supporting it, making a claim. A good thesis sentence won’t quiet other opinions. On the contrary, it will inspire more to emerge.
  • Defining the argument is the point of the thesis sentence. The discussion in the paper should be determined by this sentence. If you find a paragraph that doesn’t quite fit into the whole idea that the thesis presents, then you should get rid of it. Another option is to rewrite the thesis sentence. However, we recommend you not to change the sentence more than once because in the end you will lose focus on what the paper is about.
  • The thesis sentence determines the way you will present your arguments. The readers can get confused if you set one principle in the thesis sentence and then switch to another. Stick to what you have established in the start.

The best way to develop a thesis sentence is by understanding what the assignment is about. You should also tighten the range of the thesis so that it doesn’t focus on several things at once.

For example, if you are asked to determine how magazines use colors for advertisement, you can make a thesis that asks how the colors in a magazine for clothes attract people.

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