The American Dream: An Annotated Bibliography

Easier or harder; attainable or obsolete; real or delusional – everyone has their story of the “American Dream.” Some are immigrants coming over legally and getting more red tape than in times past; some are forgotten Native Americans who are never remembered as the “real Americans” with very little reparations; some are born here and are quite challenged from historical years of the effects of slavery while others are privileged with inherited riches or perhaps greatness.

In America hard work is still honorable, but the way the economy has been trending shows favor to those who have the better hustle. If you can learn what sells on the market or what is needed, then package it quickly and get it in front of the masses to buy you’ll quickly have success by being the boss.

Education is more stable in obtaining a better salary which can equal to success. High school knowledge or certifications is acceptable also, but the pay usually will have you seeking two jobs to have or continue to manage the simple things in life. A college degree is better pay anywhere, but how much you wish to be paid is dependent on where you choose to live and who you will work for. A masters or a doctorate is the new Bachelors of Art or Science. You should get top salary with your connections, past internships and recommendations. Thus landing you in a career and making the coast clear to an on-going success, but this is not always the case.

Here are some other case scenarios: the “at will” treatment that could keep you going from job to job – “modified slavery” is my definition. Another one is if your parents own the business than most likely it will be passed on to you. The third is if they are not your parents and you are without a degree you can be passed by with all your years of experience and still be the trainer to the “newby” who is now your superior. In some places you intimidate others with your professional look, past pay and experience so you are not “hire material” due to their personal fears.

The American dream hmmm! It still exists. We’re free, liberated and able to pursue what makes us happy. It’s not flowery anymore, it’s hardcore: hustle.

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