Writing A Definition Essay On Poverty In 4 Simple Steps

A definition essay essentially involves taking a particular topic and trying to define some aspect relating to it. This form of academic paper may be used for a wide variety of different subjects, including those related to the social sciences. In fact, if you do need to write a definition essay for one of the social sciences then it may be that you are required to write about a topic related to poverty. If this is the case then the following four simple steps should assist you with the writing process.

  1. Identifying a title or topic

  2. Whilst your essay may require you to define the general topic of poverty as a whole, you may instead wish to think of a different title, related to poverty in some way. For example, you may wish to look at different forms of poverty, and how they are measured, and use one of these forms as the title that you wish to define.

    In order to pick a good title, it can be a good idea to look at papers that other people have written, as well as any articles and statistics provided by reliable and respectable websites. For example, you may wish to look on the websites of various global organisations in order to find relevant topics to base your work on.

  3. Carrying out research

  4. Whilst you may have a reasonable idea of the content that you wish to include as part of your paper, it is likely that you will still need to carry out some form of research in order to write a comprehensive essay. If you find any important facts or data that you wish to include in your essay then you will need to make a note of the source, so that you can include any necessary references or citations.

  5. Writing the different sections

  6. Once you have picked the topic and done the necessary research you will be ready to start the writing stage. Most papers will require you to write an introduction, a body section, and a conclusion. However, if you are completing a definition essay at a higher level in the educational system, such as a dissertation for a degree, then you may have other sections to include as well.

  7. Checking the work

  8. Finally, once you have written the final draft, you will need to check over the work in order to find any spelling or grammatical errors - as well as any other inaccuracies - that may be present within your work, so that you can correct them.

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