Writing A Great Definition Essay About Generosity

Before you can begin to write a great definition essay about generosity, you must first understand what a definition paper is. Basically, you must analyze a word for its meaning and then define it in your own context. You should work with a word that is subjective in its definition- meaning that it will have a different meaning for each person that explains it. Once you know what you must do, you can begin preparing to write your paper by following these steps.

Step #1: Consider the Dictionary Definition and Word Origin

The dictionary is a great place to start when defining the word generosity. You will get a general definition, and also be able to find out the origin of the word. These should help you mold your own meaning of the word for further analysis.

Step #2: Use Related Words, Details, and Examples to Illustrate Generosity

After you have a general idea of the word, you will want to analyze it. A great place to start is relating it to another word, providing basic details, and providing an example that shows what generosity is. For the word generosity, for example, a related word could be giving. A traditional detail would be that people consider generosity as an act of giving out of kindness. Finally, example could be giving a sandwich to a homeless person on the street.

Step #3: Consider What Generosity Does Not Mean

After getting an understanding of what the term you are defining does mean, you should break this down further into what it does not mean. For example, if your parents give you money, it could be seen as an act of generosity. However, if they are giving you money out of pity or to throw in your face later, it is not generosity.

Step #4: Know How to Set Up Your Paper

The final step is to set up the definition essay properly. You should begin by creating a basic knowledge of the term- such as including the dictionary definition. This is especially helpful if it differs from your own definition. In the thesis, you should define the word generosity in your own terms. After you have done this, take all of the separate parts you have researched and break them into paragraphs. Finish with a conclusion that summarizes your main points, and tells how your own experiences with generosity has shaped your definition. This is a great way to end the paper.

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