Ancient World Civilization

The ancient generations were nomadic pastoralists, hunters and fruit gatherers. As time moved on, these generations started to settle down especially in river valleys. The pastoral culture played a great role in settling the generations to certain areas of land. The increasing number of domestic animals generated strains on pastoral community to search for reliable pasture and water for their animals.

The development of the ancient civilization faced various challenges due to hostility of the communities, high dependence young people on the parents and inevitable deaths. However, these generations had opposable thumbs, high reproduction ability and the ability to adapt to various environmental factors which greatly triggered the development of the ancient civilization. The development of the speech allowed ancient civilization to succeed.

Development of the Ancient World Civilization

The ancient civilization started immediately after ancient nomadic communities settled down. The river valley civilizations were the first world civilizations. These ancient civilizations had various similar characters. These civilizations includes: Mesopotamia; along the Euphrates and Tigris river, Egypt; along the river Nile, China; along the He Huang and the Yellow River and Indus valley; along the river Indus.

Modern civilizations owe a huge debt to the ancient authoritative empires and powerful cities. The ancient inventions, concepts and techniques enabled the development of human being and as well laid basics for the present world.

Influence of Ancient World Civilization to Modern Civilization

The ancient world civilization has throughout remained a mystery to the present generation. However, the facet of cultural development has copied a key role in the modern society. If it were not for the embalmment methods of the ancient Egyptians, possibly, the deceased would have remained nothing else but rotting corpses on the surface of the earth.

The Babylonians civilization has greatly influenced the ethnic variety of the today’s society through the undertakings of their rituals. It is as a result of the ancient world civilization that the modern world exists as it is today. However, many people did not appreciate the influence of ancient civilization and thus many have gone unnoticed.

In ancient civilization, the Egyptians’ civilization was referred as the most developed civilization. In fact, the Egyptian civilization accomplished more than any other civilization in the ancient world. As stated earlier, the historical embalmment of the deceased in ancient Egyptian civilization was the most superior ritual that has remained as a mystery in the modern world.

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