Physical Beauty And Inner Beauty

There are many things of importance about the people that we interact with on a daily basis. These traits my be innate or learned, internal or external. Through exposure to several environmental factors, we decide which of these are most important to us. We crave to be surrounded by what we consider beautiful but what is most beneficial to us, physical or inner beauty?

Physical Beauty

The external traits that are considered beautiful vary from culture to culture and even change over time. There are places where it has become customary for women to stretch their necks with brass rings, flatten their breast with heated irons or file their teeth to sharp points. In other cultures men are expected to wear makeup and engage in special dances to display themselves for prospective wives. Those who choose not to engage in such practices are considered strange and they may have difficulty in attracting members of the opposite sex. Even in Western society, some very strange ideas of beauty of have emerged and disappeared. Super sized mammaries and posteriors waver in and out of the trends as do thigh gaps and other unreasonable proportions. Despite this, there is some relevance to wanting to possess and be surrounded by physical attractiveness. Seeing beautiful things and people makes us happy, as shallow as this may be.

Inner Beauty

On the other hand, being beautiful on the inside should be given much more importance in modern societies. Magazines rarely feature the faces of people who were chosen for their kindness and friendliness just as runway models do not display clothing to make it seem more compassionate. Personalities are not visible from a distance and in our speed obsessed culture we do not stop to consider that there is more to be learned about a person than can be deduced with a quick once over. Even the attempts at cultivating a beautiful ‘soul’ that are popular are very superficial. Trendy garment manufacturers produce clothing they say is part of a charitable effort and people by them to show off their compassion. They ignore the people who work for pittance to make these things.

Looks are central to many aspects of our society however, to be beautiful according to society’s standard does no mean that you cannot have a wonderful personality. The trick, if there is one, should be to cultivate both sides of oneself and try not to let one suffer.

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