How to compose an opinion essay on Bowling for Columbine

Opinion essays are a great exercise for students to develop their own point of view, to learn how to form an effective argument, and to practice their own writing style. The first step to writing a good opinion paper is to understand what you should be trying to accomplish in one: in an opinion paper you want to present your opinion on a topic and provide evidence and arguments to back up your argument to try to convince your reader.

One of the best kinds of topics for an opinion essay is a book or movie that is somewhat controversial. Bowling for Columbine is a great example of this, because while everyone agrees that it deals with an important issue, the approach that it takes can be controversial. Choosing a topic like this for an opinion paper is a great strategy because it gives you a lot of different directions you can go in. Follow these simple tips to learn how to compose a great opinion paper on a topic like Bowling for Columbine:

  • Choose a point of view to argue
  • In order for it to be an opinion piece you need to come up with a point of view to argue about the film. It isn’t enough to just summarize it, you must make some sort of statement about it. This could be that it is a great film that should be shown in every student, or it could be that it takes advantage of a national tragedy for its own self-advancement. In some ways it doesn’t really matter what you choose to argue, as long as you can come up with evidence for it.

  • Provide a well organized and structured argument
  • The meat of your paper will be the middle paragraphs that will provide a well organized and structured argument to support your opinion. The more methodically you can move through this, the better. Try to organize your paragraphs around the central points to your argument. The evidence that you use to support your point of view could either reference the film directly, or it could reference studies and papers that deal with the themes you are writing on.

  • Include a rebuttal
  • You should also include a rebuttal in your paper where you will present the strongest argument against your point of view, then explain why it is faulty or a weaker argument than yours.

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