Essential Things To Know About The Structure Of A 1500-Word Essay

You have just been handed a major essay assignment. Your teacher has asked you to write a 1500 word composition on a subject, and this is at least twice the size of anything you’ve written before. Writing such a big essay can be hard even for those who do copywriting jobs full-time. To begin with, breathe deeply, and don’t panic! This is a little bit more than you have done before, but you can do it. There are a couple of things to keep in mind as you approach this rather long term paper.

  • Do the Research. This is true for any composition work, but you may be doing a little bit more research on your topic because of the length of the essay.
  • Do a First Draft. The first draft is where you put your thoughts down. It is the part of the project that you can go back and refine as you go along. Having the first draft is going to help you as you go around the corner on this particular project.
  • Work On the Introduction. This would be approximately 150 words and introduces the reader to the essay.
  • The Body of the Essay Is the Main Chore. Expect to write approximately 1200 words on the main points of the composition. This part of the work demonstrates your understanding of the topic and how you will go about it, or explain your position or analyzing the issue.
  • The Conclusion. Do not rush this because it is very important. In this section you will be explaining the consequence of the result of your investigation. It has to be logical and have a good summation. You can expect to write approximately 150 words in this part of the composition.

You will be asked to write even longer papers as your academic career progresses. The structure of a 1500 word essay is not really that difficult to master. It prepares you for some even more detailed work such as a dissertation. It is going to be critical that you do not rush through this project. No doubt your teacher is giving you plenty of time to do it and you shouldn’t wait till last minute to try it. If you are allowed several days you can work on one piece at a time. You will be pleasantly surprised how easy it all can flow. A final thing to keep in mind is allow yourself sufficient time to proofread that paper. Small mistakes can happen along the way and you do not want them to cause a hard-earned grade to be dropped because of mistakes.

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