Pre-Marital Sex

Premarital sex is one of the debates that parents should have with their children. From a tender age, children today are being exposed to the idea of sex. It is no secret that many television programs and adverts make profit out of the sex language. The internet is also full of sites that promote sex. Yet, fewer programs and people prepare the young people on how to be responsible after sex. Fewer people talk about contraceptives or even abstinence. In the end, many young people have dropped out of school because of pregnancies or have contracted sexually transmitted diseases. Hence, it is important that parents teach their children about the pros and cons of pre-marital sex.

Parents Will Impact More

Often, children listen to their parents more than anyone else. Psychologists say that individuals who listen to negative language in their homes are likely to develop low-self esteem. In the same way, parents who engage their children in a positive talk will bring up confident and productive individuals. Much more, talking about sex in a positive way can create a better perspective on the subject amongst the young people. More so, they can be informed well enough to make the right decisions about sex in the future.

Normally, peer-influence is the major cause of irresponsible pre-marital sex. Teenagers engage in such activities because everyone says that it is a fun thing to do. Those who go against the idea are isolated, which is dreadful for many of them. Unfortunately, many teenagers do not have the correct information about sex. Thus, parents must take the role of educating children about the subject so that they are saved from negative influences. If anything, even when parents shy away from covering such topics, children will still get the information from other sources.

A Comprehensive Education on Pre-Marital Sex

Many parents only tend to talk about the dangers of pre-marital sex to their children. However, it is established that sex is good for the physical and psychological needs of a human being. Many youths already understand some of the benefits and will, therefore, oppose every negative message about the subject. Parents will hence be seen as insincere and uniformed. Thus, it is important to cover the advantages and disadvantage of pre-marital sex and allow the youths to make a decision based on the information. Besides, it is only parents who have the ability, time, and passions to comprehensively educate their children well. Indeed, parent must educate their children about pre-marital sex because they have a better understanding on the topic and have the ability to cover it comprehensively.

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