Music of the 19th Century

Due to industrial and democratic revolution, music in the 19th century changed to a great extent in how music was played, its uses and meanings. Initially music was played specific to particular functions or events meaning varying from one function to another bearing each oneโ€™s meaning. In the earlier times musicians used to be mere servants employed in places like churches and courts. The musical instruments were produced for the wealthy folks to either be played by them or by their servants in the earlier times but this changed in the 19th century due to the upheaval of the middle class.

Expansion of audience

Music in the 19th century grew and musicians reached a broader audience with their performances compared to the earlier times where music was for the few. Parlor music gained a lot of popularity since life was mostly centered at home in the salons. This is where children were taught the art of music and how to play musical instruments. The parents usually preferred to have their girl child learn how to play the instruments to knowing how to read. This was aimed for having a well-rounded child by the parents. Small groups, children, teenagers and used to entertain the guests with their performances when they came over. Romanticism and attachment of emotion in the art contributed in pulling masses to the music. The existence of a middle class enhanced the affordability of music in the performance halls such that many people accessed the music.

The emotional attachment in the music probed people to get engaged more in music and learn more. The fact that the economy improved to middle class also meant that people had leisure most of which they used by getting engaged in playing music and learning how to play musical instruments. The cultural motivation in the people kept their urge for music lively. There was a motivation by the concertgoers that big music is the better music. They demanded bigger and more performances from the musicians.

Development in the music industry

Musicians who dazzled the audience more with their performances were crowned the superstars and eventually loved most. Musicians and composers earned a living from their performances.

There was replacement of wooden instruments by technologically advanced and even larger instruments. This was done so as to increase the volume in places of performances to withstand the virtuosity of the soloist and bring the volume needed.

Music in the 19th century had improved compared to the earlier times ranging from how it was played, the meanings attached and the instruments accompanying the music.

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