Tips and Tricks for Writing a Synthesis Essay

A synthesis essay requires the writer to posses the ability of giving shape to given information. It requires him to furnish an essay from certain points provided to him. This means that the writer must know how to find appropriate connections between the points provided and establish proper causal connections. Hence, the writer must not only be good at studies, but also have a good aptitude for logical connections. He needs to give a proper body to these points in order to write a successful synthesis essay.

The first step is to be aware of the purpose of writing the essay. The format and body of the essay will vary from type to type.

  • If the essay is being written for explanatory purposes, the writer should join the points in such a way so that it helps explain the topic to the reader.
  • If it is written for debating purposes, it should take on a more argumentative note and incline towards either the negative or positive aspect of the subject matter.
  • An academic paper being written for the motive of reviewing a particular topic should consist of analytical aspects of the subject matter.

The next step is joining the dots. The points should be woven together in a logical way so as to bring out the purpose of the academic paper. The causes and effects should be properly mentioned to avoid any sort of ambiguity in interpretation. The general format of an academic paper should be maintained. The introduction, body of the academic paper and conclusion- this order of writing should always be upheld to ensure a proper academic paper.

The hypothesis

A thesis statement or hypothesis is another absolute must for a synthesis academic paper. This is the statement that the author wants to prove through the synthesis academic paper. This should be well defined and elaborated upon to avoid any kind of vagueness in the academic paper. The thesis statement makes up the crux of the academic paper. The remainder of the synthesis academic paper is based on this statement and revolves around its successful evidence.

An excellent way to prove a hypothesis is to highlight it with examples to support the points mentioned in the academic paper. These may be practical examples or numerical and statistical figures. They always help to strengthen the cause of the academic paper and help make it more effective in its mission. The main trick in writing a synthesis academic paper is to have a good knowledge of the issue being dealt with and the common sense to join the points given.

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