Future Of Nursing

Nurses play an important role in the health sector. Whereas a doctor may spend a few minutes with the patient, nurses spend most of the time offering care to the patients. Most patients will therefore feel comfortable to express their concerns to the patients. They will also respond to the treatment plans depending on the quality of services offered by the nurses. Accordingly, as stated by various authors, there is a need to ensure that the nurses are well prepared and educated in the future.

Education and Skills

It is only the educated and skills nurses who can lead change and meet the demands of the patients in the future. As compared to the past, many people are suffering from complicated diseases today. Further, the patients are well educated and thus demand for better services. Technology is also being utilized to deal with some conditions such as cancer. The future of nursing should therefore be characterized by educated personnel who can offer care with perfection in mind.

Additionally, nurses should be able to advance in education. Many institutions do not have the capacity to enroll nurses and as a result, many nurses are unable to enroll for their masters and doctorate degrees in their productive years. Barriers to advancement of education should be removed so that every nurse will be motivated to enroll in various institutions and attain a doctorate degree. In so doing, nurses will be able to address the needs in their profession as they rise.

Offering Seamless Services in Health Care

Moreover, nurses should collaborate with the doctors and other personnel in the health sector. They must also find means of influencing the decisions made by the policy makers and further come up with initiatives to empower the community through training and education. As a result, seamless services can be offered in the health sector and at the same time ensure that many people can access services.

Collection and analysis of data should also be done with perfection. A lot of research needs to be conducted in the health sector so that the needs of the patients can be identified and the solution to be complicated health conditions found. This is only possible if proper collection of data and its analysis is done. The acquired information should be also be utilized accordingly. Ultimately, in the future, the field of nursing should be lead by educated nurses who can utilize technology, collaborate with the stakeholders, and collect and analyze data properly.

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