Biological Weapons

This is the most dangerous art of war that has ever been used in the world. It includes the use of fungi and bacteria that spread diseases to humans, plants, pets and livestock. The bacteria and fungi are released to the environment. Once in the environment, they will cause a significant damage. These biological weapons are dangerous and very effective as in most cases the invaded nations are never prepared for such attacks. The other thing is that it spreads very fast and containing it may be difficult. People may not realize it soon enough and it may spread to a whole nation as people travel. In some cases, a biological weapon may be put in drinking water and may cause adverse damage. In cases where it has been used, genetically modified bacteria that are resistant to antibiotics have been used. Biological weapons are very cheap. A tiny portion may be used to wipe a very large number of people. However, despite them being cheap, it will be complicated to form a very conventional weapon. You will need very sophisticated machines. It is very hard also to store these weapons as the agents decay very quickly. Sometimes you only need some agents that will be triggered by organisms to start an attack.

Defending against Biological weapons

Prevention of biological weapons is a very complicated affair. The most efficient way would be via prevention. This is by disarming all the regimes and nations that have made and stored biological weapons. All the other methods are very expensive and the results are limited to the lower side. Protection is the other means. This may be difficult as it will be hard to give the protection gear to all individuals in a state in case of an attack. I think only those in the rescue mission would get access to the protective clothing like suits, masks and filters. Also, note that some biological weapons will stay in the environment and the soil for a very long period. This makes the use of protective clothing hard. Protection with the use of vaccines would be possible. Some biological weapons can be detected and decontaminated. This will require very sophisticated means of detecting these weapons.

Ban of biological weapons

The use of biological weapons was condemned by all states and they signed treaties that. This however did not put to an end the production of biological weapons. However, with the issue of the effect that the weapon would have and difficulty of controlling it in space and within time, the use of some weapons was banned.

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