Myocardial Infraction

Myocardial infraction commonly abbreviated as MI or what is generally known as acute myocardial infarction or AMI is a heart attack disease that takes place when blood does not flow anymore to the area of the heart that causes damage to the muscles of the heart.

Symptoms of MI

Every health condition is in most cases accompanied by signs and symptoms and the MI issue is not an exception. Mainly, the most obvious symptom in an MI case is normally a discomfort or chest pain that could move into the jaw, arm and neck or even to the back as well.

In some cases, it is experienced in the left or center side of the chest and may last for several minutes. The discomfort could seldom feel as if it is a heart burn. The condition can also experience symptoms of nausea, a cold sweat, a shortness of breath, feeling like fainting or a feeling of tiredness.

Theory behind MI

Human hearts often encounter attacks. Well, the heart needs its own continuous supply of nutrients and oxygen just like any other body muscle. Oxygenated blood is delivered to the heart muscle through two, big diverging coronary arteries. When one of the heart arteries gets a sudden block, a part of the heart gets starved of the important oxygen requirement. This is a condition that is commonly known as cardiac ischemia.

When cardiac ischemia persists for long, the heart issue that gets starved often dies. This is known as a heart attack, also commonly known as a myocardial infarction. On literal terms, it is a situation that can be explained as the death of the muscle of the heart. A number of the heart attacks takes place during some hours and therefore, it is high advisable to seek help immediately concerning heart conditions.

The pain of an acute heart attack can be compared to a very big fist squeezing and enclosing the heart. In a mild heart attack, it could be misunderstood as heartburn. The pain could be intermittent or in other cases be continuous. Additionally, women are not likely to encounter the typical symptoms of Chest Pain when compared to their male counterparts. A big number of MI cases are mainly due to coronary heart disease affecting the arteries. The factors are closely linked to smoking, high blood pressure, smoking, inactivity, poor diet, excels intake of alcohol and obesity among others.

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