Gender Equality

The notion of gender has two major functions in the contemporary society. First of all, it indicates that the gender issue is socially defined, and second, the discrepancy between feminine and masculine or male and female is related to equality. The essential of the gender studies is to analyze the man and the masculine as well as the woman and the feminine. In order to define the gender concept, researchers and feminist writers attempted to make a distinction between ‘male/female’ and ‘feminine/masculine’. Gender can refer to the biological condition perceived as a set of physical characteristics or it stands for a social and linguistic entity defined within the field of cultural and linguistic studies, ‘gender’ being present in the social sciences as well.

Gender discrimination is a major issue nowadays, being defined as an act of treating in a different manner the opposite sex only because the other belongs to that sex. As far as women are concerned, they are usually discriminated at the work place. There are reasons leading to gender discrimination at work:

  • Fear of sharing power with the other gender;
  • Complex of superiority and ignorance of the other’s values;
  • Historic patterns of prejudice that women should stay at home and take care of the children;
  • Religious tension between ethnic groups; for instance, the idea that Hindus and Muslims are in conflict with other ethnic groups, and women are not at all considered equal to men.

Solutions to gender discrimination can lead to a better relationship between men and women at working places:

  • Implementation of laws worldwide at the government level;
  • Children’s education on the effects of discrimination;
  • Removal of the ideology of superiority as every citizen should respect other groups’ color, sex, nationality and religion;
  • Development of training programs helping employees work irrespective of the gender, nationality or religion;
  • Transparency of job vacancies which should be open for both men and women;
  • Eradication of gender stereotypes and promotion of gender equality.

Therefore, in both sociology and anthropology, the ‘gender’ concept is related to the social differentiation of the behavior imposed on the basis of a natural substratum: the biological sexes. Gender equality is of utmost importance, as women might be discriminated at workplace, being treated in a different manner than men for various reasons. However, from a different perspective, there are good reasons to consider the gender discourse is one form of social differentiation of the sexes.

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